Saw an Angel

On that cold winter morning, When everyone was yawning, Peeking through the shaking twig, My eyes were blessed, For I saw an angel in the pink dress

Remember this place

Woman: Remember this place dear? Man: How can I forget this place? Woman: It is here only here that we began our journey Man: Do you want to go in there? Woman: Ah! That won’t be possible today, it looks like a big rush today and we can’t get in Man: Hold on, dear… The…

I ran

I ran , I ran to grab my dream , Wanted to go to till any extreme , The dream looked near , For it was very dear , I got to my dream , I smiled to extreme , The Champagne was popped , The glass was taken from the table top , For…

अंजानी कहानी

कहानी जो हमारी है, वही तुम्हारी है , कहानी जो हमारी है, वही तुम्हारी है , फिर भी यह ऐसी कहानी है , जो इक जैसी होकर भी अंजानी है |  


Sisters… One who has a sister knows their importance and one who doesn’t knows their importance far better   Gudiya is Hindi Translation of Word Little Girl

Mature and Kid

We Humans Get Angry  But It is always best to get angry as a Kid Rather than as a so called Mature Because A Mature Human’s anger is ego and  A Kid’s anger is Pure Innocence